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Um, hello

Friday, October 18th, 2013

to the three people who still have this in feed reader, etc.

It’s been almost a year since I posted, and I’m making no promises, but I may have something to say in the next while, so I’m dusting off the site.

What I have I done in a year?

Some travel for work and for pleasure: to Italy, Denmark, England (below), and I’ll be back again to Denmark again before the end of the year.

As usual, some work got done around the house. The backyard is a work in progress – trees gone and fence is the next step. Also put in a new front door, that makes an awesome noise like a Star Trek door but smells faintly of petrochemical caulk (Dad only likes the old school stuff).

Went to 4 Stratford plays this year. Absolutely loved Waiting for Godot, and gained a crush on Scott Wentworth playing Jewish icons (Shylock, Tevye).

Saw Neil Gaiman give a reading, which was very cool.

Lots of meals with lots of lovely friends. Launched a huge project at work that ate up most of the summer (that wasn’t so nice). So much more that won’t be chronicled here.

In any case, we’ll see what happens :)


Cleaning up

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Maybe it’s the temps flirting with zero degrees, but I was hellfire on cleaning and purging today. The object of my attention was the basement. I brought bins of stuff from my last move (over 3 years) that I haven’t opened since, and that is pretty much text-book criteria for elimination. I watch hoarders. I know what lies on the other side…

There’s bags of trash, and a pile of items to go to eWaste, and stuff that will be freely offered at the curb. I did, however, uncover little troves of treasures–the stuff one carts wherever the destination. Each time I go through it, it gets a little bit smaller. A sweatshirt from 1st-year uni that’s got a scruffy character and great style, even for the 80′s. My name patch from high school cheerleading (makes me laugh every time I realize I was a freakin’ cheerleader). The brass key my grannie gave me on my 21st birthday.

And then there’s the pictures. Somehow I inherited the two family portraits: one that I call the “vampire family”–taken some time in the late 70′s. Seriously, the photographer had to work hard to get the appropriate lighting to drain us of any resemblance to living flesh. The other one is 1982–I’m 14 going on 15, hair curled to perfection, and my sister, mother and I are wearing various 80′s purplish hues in mother-made dresses (there’s a ruffle them to tie them all together), and my father and brother wear tan and blue suits respectively.

All of these things are in the “save” bin.

5 Reasons to Shovel Late at Night

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If you’re in a place that needs shovelling.

  1. There’s time to have a nap first.
  2. Sometimes a neighbour does some of it for you, like your sidewalks.
  3. It’s more likely that the wind dies down. Who knows why?
  4. No glare on the snow means no sneezing or blindness.
  5. No one can see that you are wearing purple socks, old sweat pants, a mangy hat and a gortex that’s 3 times too big for you.

That was not a random act of kindness!

Friday, November 12th, 2010

When I opened my green bin last night to fill it for pick-up, something was knocking around in the bottom. Some thoughtful neighbour thought my empty and clean green bin was a great place to toss their full bag of dog shit. Must have been while it was still at the curb last week.

Good thing I keep my green bin outside and it’s been cold enough at night to keep it in a solid state.

Who does that??

My televison is deaf-mute geek

Friday, May 7th, 2010

I wrote a while ago about how my television became deaf-mute, or it thinks I’m deaf-mute.  Random closed captioning, teletext narration and so on. Then a few weeks ago, it decided that every channel should be… Space Channel. Pick any number. Guaranteed TNG rerun. But it fixed itself except for the closed captioning stuff so I went on as usual.

Then 2 nights ago, it committed itself. Absolutely, Space Channel only. And the weird part of it is that the last channel I was watching before universal Space Channel was NOT the Space Channel, so this is something that the tv CHOSE FOR ITSELF.

Now, I’m all for the Buffy reruns (6pm ET), and I can even put up with Stargate for brief periods of time. But a girl also needs some house porn from time, or you know, my Time Team.

Now that the thing is sentient, I’m loathe to put it to the curb for being monomaniacal in its viewing choices, but ssshhhh, I’m research LCD flat screens as we speak.


Saturday, September 26th, 2009

As I mentioned, one of the gifts I got for my BD was a custom-made canvas to go in the “nook” in my living room.

Here’s a long view. I’ll see if I can get a close-up on the morrow.

Doors, portals, scotch and Tom Robbins

Doors, portals, scotch and Tom Robbins

Of course

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

About 10 minutes after I started doing the hallway floor, JL, who hasn’t jumped on anything in about 2 years and would qualify for the senior cat sleeping olympics, vaulted a 2-foot barrier to land directly on the wet surface.

Shiny hardwood floors, now featuring paw prints.

Here’s hoping there’s no bubbles

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

I’m about to try to finish the bald spots on my hardwood floor. It’s the one thing I wish I got done before I moved in, but the timing didn’t work out so well and here I am 2 years later with spots that have no finish at all.

The grossest part was when I washed it. I’m not a dirty house keeper, but my gods, that’s some dirt that came up. I’m hoping a lot of it was sawdust.

If this works, I’ll continue to do sections, since I’ve got nowhere to put all of the furniture and do it all in one go.

One of these days, I’ll live in a house where all of the reno jobs are done, and it will be peaceful. And then I’ll probably get bored and try to break into the neighbour’s and redo their house (I can see through the window that it hasn’t been properly updated since some time in the 70′s.

I might get the rabies!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

I was out watering my sod last night, and there were three tween girls shrieking and giggling in a circle on the grassy boulevard in front of my neighbour’s house.

Turns out they had just witnessed a chipumkicide in the street. Not wanting to leave the “body” on the road, they used some paper to fling onto my neighbour’s boulevard, and now were suffering pangs of guilt for leaving it there, so they wanted it back on the street, but at the curb.

Having survived the bravery of the first move, they were having serious second thoughts about a second one – “I might get the rabies”, “You just touched it, so you can touch it again!” Shriek! Squee!

When I turned around and shut my eyes, it was almost like I was at a Jonas brothers concert.

Please to walk here

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

It was time for another Dad visit, and the theme this time was “the great outdoors”! Well, at least the big gaping hole in my front yard.

When I had the driveway redone, I had them remove a “sidewalk” between my front walk and the driveway that, for some reason, had been done in asphalt instead of pavers or something. Also, it ran right against the flower bed at a weird angle that went toward the garage instead of out to the driveway where it’s most likely that a visitor would park.

Anyway, since the removal, I’ve had a gaping hole there (about a foot deep) and it was just lucky that Melle or the Sheriff didn’t fall into it during our Scotch & Cigars soiree the other night.  Speaking of which, we had a smashing time with some Montecristos, some Highland Park and some Macallan. Topics ranged from the profane (work) to the sacred (junk food) and off into the wilderness (grilled cheese). Next time there will be Doritos!

Back to the hole. The plan was decided that we would remove the “sod” from a strip closer to the street and on a straight line between the driveway and the front walk, and then put that sod in the hole with some filler to make the green space up to the flower beds. You can tell that my lawn has been around for 60 years or so–the root system is about 6 inches deep.

It was a workout just to get the pieces out, never mind the 4 wheelbarrows of fill we had to shovel and tote to fill in the hole. Then, of course, also the pavers were a bit of a workout (about 80 lbs each).

However, the results are smashing. I have sidewalk, some grass (which I have to water every day for a while), plus no hole.

Job # 48 done.