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A few feet of water

Monday, December 25th, 2006

and an island that used to have 10,000 people living on it is gone: Lochachara Island disappears.

In case you were wondering where all of the glaciers were going.

Happy Festivus!

Sunday, December 24th, 2006

innards.jpgMay your invective be clear and your pole be shiny. And, as PK over at BibliOdyssey says:

In my experience, the Festivus holiday isn’t quite complete without the sight of an unwanted guest retching down the front of their clothes after being presented with a mutant 8-aorta heart from a recently felled quadruped, skilfully skewered on the trusty Teddy Bear hunting sword.

To gentle births and new bedtime stories

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006

My Freewill this week:

Happy Holy Daze, Leo! In 2007, I predict that you’ll experience a metaphorical version of something that’s rare in nature: a gentle birth. There’ll be a big new addition to your life, in other words, and its arrival won’t hurt a bit–may even feel downright ecstatic. Here’s some more mysterious good news: In the coming months, you will have the power to learn from the moon, converse with the dead, and remember your ancient origins. And get this: The adventures that amuse you most could involve foam rubber, distant bells, smoke rising from manholes, plums from Damascus, and exotic trophies. One more thing, Leo: In 2007, brand new bedtime stories will be mandatory.


Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

I don’t like downloading tv/media without paying for it, but I’ve taken downloaded stuff from others.

I call myself a feminist, but there’s more than a little Hip-Hop in my playlist.

I’m a book snob, but I’ve purchased more mystery books than any other genre in the last year.

I love broccoli, but I think that cauliflower was created by Satan.

I’m an animal lover, but there’s nothing like tucking in to game meat like moose or deer or lamb.

I balk at expensive grocery bills, but eat out a couple of times every week.

I am very judgmental about people who are very judgmental.

I’m a private person, but I write a blog :)

Growing old?

Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

Was talking with a friend from university tonight and somewhere the comment got made that our old gang are a) coming up on 40 and b) mostly still 19 on the inside. True and not true. We agreed that the essential us is still us. That some have changed more than others.

I think I became who I am when I was 16 and haven’t changed much since then. Sometimes. I mean, I certainly have my shit together. I’m more comfortable with myself. But I still look at the world the way I did then. Have the same sense of humour (with slightly more profanity). Have the same body (with slightly more cellulite). Have the same flirtations with extraversion and intraversion day to day. Have the same ambitions for safety and comfort. I still like to sing in the living room, read books, and I still wonder how the really cool kids get so cool (though I don’t care to be like them anymore).

But here’s where I start the thinking: I’m also still single and I’ve never lived with a partner and I still think of children as something that adults have. I still don’t cook well or host excellent dinner parties or worry much about municipal politics.

Am I staying young or stuck?

Healthy and happy

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

We have our family Christmas before the big day. So yesterday, I trundled off to my sister’s house for the get-together. Food was consumed. Presents unwrapped. Pictures of my brother’s wedding and their honeymoon were watched. Balancing tricks with my niece and nephew were performed. My mother and father conversed willingly, indeed openly. It was all laughter and good will and physical closeness.

Sounds maybe normal to many a family, but this is a whole new thing for us. It’s been 22 years since my parents separated but there were many years before that where stress and unspoken discontent were the reigning themes of Christmas. My father and I left on Christmas day when I was seventeen. And there were years of someone not talking to someone else, and the “can’t have the parents in the same city” rule for a while. And the seeing my brother and sister only once a year. And many ghosts to be exorcised.

But not this year. This is the year when we became a family.

Body beautiful

Friday, December 8th, 2006

Frank Cordelle’s Century Project is a direct and beautiful look at girls, ladies, women of all shapes and sizes, many with scars physical and emotional.

Makes me want to capture myself this way…

Now will you shut up about this, Harper??

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

MPs defeat motion to reopen same-sex marriage debate.

And Peter, good to see you can think for yourself sometimes.

The unapologetic woman

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

I loved the latest ep of BSG: “Unfinished Business”, but apparently more than some of the TVoP posters. At issue is whether or not Kara could beat on Lee.

People – it was blood and exhaustion and love and bittersweetness all in one.

It was artistically sound and good. And is a brawling, stubborn, unapologetic (and yeah, messed up) woman so unrealistic? Maybe we aren’t used to seeing them in the media, sure. We’re too busy looking at girlies who are the measure of femininity.


That elusive gift

Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I’m stuck on a present.
I’m like that guy in the Bentley’s commercial. I’ve got completely inappropriate gifts twirling around my head–like matching socks, or a chia pet, or one of those Holy Huggables.