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7 courses of heaven are mine

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I don’t ever win anything. Like namely the lottery, a key step in my retirement savings planning that has gone past due date on the overall project schedule.

However, I won! And it’s a good! A seven-course meal & wine pairings with Chef Michael Stadtlander. Stadtlander came over from Germany and eventually bought some land around Georgian Bay and founded Eigensinn Farm with his wife Nobuyo – where people made reservations about a year in advance to sit at their table for 12.

Stadtlander is a world-renowned chef who was doing “local and fresh” about 20 years before it became the cool thing to do. Guests have been treated to freshly-caught fish cooked in clay from a nearby creek, meat that basically walked in from the back 40 and herbs picked minutes before they became the garnish on whatever dish he happened to create that night.

He’s known for not “doing a recipe”; like a zen master, he simply looks at a cut of meat or poultry and then wanders off for inspiration in his gardens.

I have no idea what the menu is for Monday night, and I’m wondering if he does either. All I know is that we’re in for some major delight and definite flavour overload. w00t!

Here’s the hard part, though: I can bring only one friend, and I’ve got three that are willing to maim and dismember for a chance to go. It was suggested that I ask for favours (car detailing, oil massage…) but I might opt for the more entertaining cage match.


Thursday, April 30th, 2009

The Interwebs seem concerned that Chuck won’t be renewed, but I can’t see how this could be so. This show is about the most nerdgastic 60 minutes on television. I mean it’s not even Fox, so there must be a chance, right?

An old-skool arcade geeks battled it out in the middle of Buy-More with a secret code embedded in Tom Sawyer. Eating a urinal puck in a showdown of dare. Using a borrowed down payment for an apartment on a 1982 Delorean. A wedding started with Mr Roboto and ended with Kung Fu (in sneakers).

Long live the Nerd Herd.

Procrastination list

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

Since I’m working on a 154-slide presentation for an important session coming up and I need a distraction to keep me from falling into a server-induced stupor, I thought I’d do a mini-version of the “things you don’t know meme” that has been kicking around for the past few months.

I know you’re curious.

  1. I can’t fall asleep if my socks aren’t completely pulled up. Slouching socks = automatic insomnia.
  2. Bubble tea grosses me out. It’s, like, gelatin pills in a liquid that you’re supposed to sip out of a straw. Pills and refreshing drinks do NOT go together.
  3. Currently, some of the toenail on my big toe is missing. Construction accident, I think. And open-toe shoe season is coming…
  4. When I was in high school, I “cheated” on a chemistry test with the girl beside me, only we were #1 and #2 in the class so neither one of us really thought we were cheating – more like verifying our answers. It was probably the closest she ever came to doing something naughty. Not so for me ;)
  5. I really dislike Wesley Crusher. A lot.
  6. I think Tom Robbins would beat Neil Gaiman in a poker match, and it would be a blast to sit in on the game.
  7. I believe that toilet paper should roll down from the top.

Food, wine and shoes

Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The Earth Day Gala Dinner was a great time. Jean was fetching in his velvet jacket, Cathy was amazing in a strappy kind of summer black dress and Andrew wore his fabulous new shirt. Since we did not have a full table, we got some assorted dinner-mates and the conversations turned out to be quite lively.

Since there were 2 architects at the table, we trashed the new Pharmacy building in downtown Kitchener (a bit like grandma’s favourite housedress), discussed the Perimeter building (looks pretty good from all sides but the sun is killing the black paint) and pontificated on the new pedestrian square in uptown Waterloo (it’ll take one week for the skateboarders to take it over and we’ll never have the vibrancy of the squares in most European cities).

The other “couple” at the table were in the industry, or at least she was, and well into her cups by the end of the meal. There was a footwear fashion show and some accolades for the gays before the night was through.

Oh, and the food was pretty good too. The best course was “Air”: Ravioli stuffed with duck confit, duck prosciutto, and saffron cream. Served with Pinot Noir.

All of the wines were Niagara, which meant that the reds weren’t exactly to my taste, but they held up fairly well with the various tastes of the courses.

I was wine-tired but well sated on Friday morning.

Oprah is entertaining, sometimes

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Apparently, Lorena Bobbit had the knife in one hand and the penis in the other, and the only reason she threw the penis out the window is because she needed that hand to make the turn in her car…

Possible w00t!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

Dr Horrible, Deux.


Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

As I write this, there is paint drying in the bathroom. A working shower and no holes in the walls – not sure what to do with all of this luxury. I also found some flooring that I hope to put in this weekend, and then, fingers crossed, I may have a sink. A sink!

JL and I have worked out a system so I don’t have to shove the heart pills down his throat every morning. The key is to place them on top of the food with just enough food covering them so that he can pretend he doesn’t see them. This was after a few refused meals and some wrassling with claws and teeth (if you have a cat, you know the perils of force-feeding medicine to the feline kind).

I’m attending a local Earth Day Gala Dinner tomorrow night with Andrew, Cathy & Jean. At one point, there was a concern that Andrew would be in a kilt and blue paint, and Jean would be in a tie with nothing else, but I think we’ve worked out it’s not clothing-optional now. Lamb chop AND beef tenderloin – call me a meatarian and pass me the bib!

Cheese in the gulag

Sunday, April 19th, 2009

Is anyone else creeped out by the latest set of Cheese commercials? For those of you not in Canada, each one features a child staring at a plate of washed out, unappealing food (like dessicated peas or something). It all looks like it takes place in some Eastern European village where the children have been replaced by slack-eyed pod people.

The tagline is “all you need is a little imagination”, and then the pod-child pictures a little dancing man made of cheese who jigs on the side of the plate and then offers to feed them. The music is kind of haunting 40s stuff and the little dancing men look seem more like evil sprites than reassuring cheese happy people.

The whole thing really creeps me out.

This is beautiful

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

and why American Idol is like nails on a chalkboard…

(Link from Robin)

We are the true believers

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Joss, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

What he said.