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How to have a good weekend

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Melle and I ventured off to Erin yesterday for a sleepover at K’s house. If you’ve never been, it’s a lovely village that has more than its fair share of gorgeous 19th-century brick main houses & cottages (and an inordinate number of bikers).

K’s house is not exception, and it is free of bikers. It has 18 inch base boards. 18 inch! And original door moldings with fancy scrolls, and wide-plank hardwood floors and a double porch. I would, in fact, contemplate offing her if I can only figure out how to get into the will first.

We were also joined by Charlie the cat. He’s big, grey, long-haired and not quite over his start as a barn cat. He’s also able to leap from the deck to the top of the fence in a single bound that is quite impressive.

We started on the drinking about 2:30pm–wine for the ladies, and scotch & ginger for me. And before you start yelling at me for sullying the scotch, I keep some cheap stuff on hand that suffices as my “rye whiskey”. It always amuses me to see it swirling around in the glass in protest for daring to bring it in contact with another liquid.

Anyway, the boozin’ continued well past dinner, though the other two switched to gin & tonic at some point. There was a threat of tequila, but probably a good idea that one didn’t materialize, since three half-naked women running around Erin might have been noticed.

We also spent some time spying on neighbours — of which one is a serial noise offender while he pushes dirt from one pile to another with what looks like a combination front-end loader & pile driver, and one of which is possibly a drug dealer, or an architect.

Though we didn’t stay up terribly late, we did manage to enjoy some Hits of the 80′s later in the evening–I forgot how much I like Echo & The Bunnymen. K made the astute observation that “Killing Moon” would make an excellent song for True Blood. Take note, Mr Ball.

I want to pet the walls and roll around on the furniture!

Friday, June 26th, 2009

THIS, is the best decorating evar.

The crushed velour! The velvet! The crushed velvet!

And it matches perfectly with my popsicle pink velour jumpsuit. You think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I could totally live here.

Canadia in verse

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Due to a quirk on my iPod, I had a clear run of Canadiana folksie rock lyrics the other day. Understated wonder, nature , sensuality, and then once in a while, a 5 dollar word … and some hockey.

If I were to pick a few for your ear bud enjoyment, I’d go with these:

“Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” – Blue Rodeo

Hey hey I guess it hasn’t hit me yet
I fell through this crack
And I kinda lost my head
I stand transfixed
Before this street light
Watching the snow fall
On this cold December night

I know what you’re thinking – “transfixed”? But trust me, in the context of the song, it totally works. I like to belt this one out.

“Old Bloody Orange” – Hawksley Workman

Old sour grape
Tell me a story
Of two naked lovers out testifying
Beating their drums on a salty coastline
With blood in their tears
Held down from the heavens
By the virtues of their bodies
Their trying to make it last,
Make it last forever

Evocative of Mr Leonard Cohen. Gospel of the body.

(note: video is NOT his, but this was the only complete recording of this song I could find)

“Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

And just when you mean to tell her
That you have no love to give her
Then she gets you on her wavelength
And she lets the river answer
That you’ve always been her lover

“Nautical Disaster” (and so many more) – The Tragically Hip

I had this dream where I relished
The fray and the screaming that filled my head all day
It was as though I’d been spit there, settled in , into a pocket
Of a lighthouse off some rocky socket,
Off the coast of France, Dear

Oh what the hell, also “Bobcaygeon” – The Tragically Hip

Drove back to town this morning with working on my mind
I thought of maybe quitting
thought of leaving it behind
went back to bed this morning
and as I’m pulling down the blind
the sky was dull and hypothetical
and falling one cloud at a time (embedding disabled)

“The Hockey Song” – Stompin’ Tom Connors

Where players dash, with skates aflash, the home team trails behind.
But they grab the puck, and go bursting up, and they’re down across the line.
They storm the crease, like bumble bees, they travel like a burning flame.
We see them slide, the puck inside, it’s a 1-1 hockey game.

If any of this is new to you non-Canadians, give it a listen.

World peace and summer tastes

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Melle and I walked over to Victoria Park today to take part in the K-W Multicultural Festival. There’s lots of booths with jewelery (I bought a really cool ring from Mali), and there were some neat Indian suits I would have loved to take home, but the big attraction is the “food court”, which is essentially about 20 different food vendors circling a set of big eating tents in the middle of a field.

Thousands of people circle the offerings first to get a sense for what they want to try, and if you’re smart like we are, you share the food so that you get more tastes. There were South Asians eating Turkish doner, Serbians eating Chinese noodles, Jamaicans eating Belgian waffles… We ended up having ice cream (hand made with some kind of steam engine) for our starter, followed by Ethiopian (chicken, beef, wat, egg, cheese on those cool edible flat bread kind of things that you use as your spoon that the Interwebs tells me is called injera). After that, we had some delish jerk chicken & rice, and finally a skewer of watermelon and pineapple (okay, fine, not that exotic, but it was also full sun and about 25 degrees by then).

As we were sitting there with all the peoples and all the food, I was thinking we could cut through a lot of UN red tape if we just had international food festivals now and again. It’s really hard to argue when everyone is too busy eating their “dinosaur chicken” legs and nomming on some curried goat (or, you know, lentils if the goat scares you).

You’d think that was enough meat for one day but you’d be wrong. For dinner, I had a nicely done butterfly pork chop with fresh Ontario asparagus and some Ontario strawberries for dessert. Colours and tastes of summer.

The walk each way is about an hour, and I tried out my new Keens and they worked out very well, except for the argyle pattern of sunburn on the tops of my feet – new place to put sunscreen…

More blood, sex and magic

Saturday, June 20th, 2009

The season premiere of True Blood was last week, and it was fabulous. If this ep is any indication, then this season is going to be bloodier, sexier and magicker.


First, Lafayette is alive! w00t! But he’s being held captive in a dungeon at Fangtasia (I think) – the whole ambience of the scene is pretty damn dark, which feels a bit like what I imagine Saw was like (though I haven’t seen it). Further confirmed when Eric bites/dismembers the redneck from the “AIDS hamburger” scene last year (while wearing highlights foil in his hair–gotta be pretty while eating kidneys). That’s after redneck has a touching moment with Lafayette because he’s worried that no one will remember him (and he also confesses to a camp blow job once, which causes Lafayette to wish that it was him who was dispatched next).

Most hilarious scene has to go to Bill’s education of Jessica – “We recycle in this house!”. Though his keeping Jessica away from Sookeh causes rift between the two of them, widened when she finds out that Bill took it upon himself to “off” the uncle that molested her when she was a girl. But then they have make-up sex, and holy cow–watching in a room with Melle, Andrew & Monkey (who are definitely not members of the prude bunch), it was a bit uncomfortable.

We also see more of Maryann’s vibrating craziness and find out that Sam had a robbery interruptus coital experience of her when he was 17 that itself gets interrupted when she does her whole shimmering scaryass stuff while “taking the lead”. After, he stole bundles of cash from her dresser while she’s showering. He tries to give it back to her and warn her off “the people he cares about” (i.e. Tara) but she says it’s nothing to do with him. Also, my girl-crush on Michelle Forbes is not dissipating, even with the Pat Benatar hair (thanks, Jacob).

And Tara kisses Mr niceabsandchestandsweetsmile Eggs. Much to Sam’s chagrin.

Finally, Jason is continuing down the path to the “light” of the church and he’s decided to attend a leadership workshop with the chief religious creep. Knowing how the books go–this is a deviation which has some interesting aspects, but I wonder if Ball will return to the original storyline for certain hairy consequences.

We’ve all been lamenting the lameness that is television these days, but True Blood is the bloody exception to the norm.


Jacob’s review

Kids today

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

I was working at home and Tyra was on (get over it). Anyway, she interviewed some famous youtube kids:

David’s Dad mentioned that he got an email from a third-tour soldier in Iraq who had some existential identification with David – apparently “Is this real life?” and “Is this forever?” are new catchphrases over there.

When asked why, 2 of the 3 kids said they did it because they saw someone else on youtube and figured they could be a video star too. Keep in mind these are elementary school kids. Just how much youtubing are they doing? When I was their age, colour tv was still not a given, and you had to get up to change channels–all 13 of them!

Related link: The Problem with Young People

I might get the rabies!

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

I was out watering my sod last night, and there were three tween girls shrieking and giggling in a circle on the grassy boulevard in front of my neighbour’s house.

Turns out they had just witnessed a chipumkicide in the street. Not wanting to leave the “body” on the road, they used some paper to fling onto my neighbour’s boulevard, and now were suffering pangs of guilt for leaving it there, so they wanted it back on the street, but at the curb.

Having survived the bravery of the first move, they were having serious second thoughts about a second one – “I might get the rabies”, “You just touched it, so you can touch it again!” Shriek! Squee!

When I turned around and shut my eyes, it was almost like I was at a Jonas brothers concert.

Please to walk here

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

It was time for another Dad visit, and the theme this time was “the great outdoors”! Well, at least the big gaping hole in my front yard.

When I had the driveway redone, I had them remove a “sidewalk” between my front walk and the driveway that, for some reason, had been done in asphalt instead of pavers or something. Also, it ran right against the flower bed at a weird angle that went toward the garage instead of out to the driveway where it’s most likely that a visitor would park.

Anyway, since the removal, I’ve had a gaping hole there (about a foot deep) and it was just lucky that Melle or the Sheriff didn’t fall into it during our Scotch & Cigars soiree the other night.  Speaking of which, we had a smashing time with some Montecristos, some Highland Park and some Macallan. Topics ranged from the profane (work) to the sacred (junk food) and off into the wilderness (grilled cheese). Next time there will be Doritos!

Back to the hole. The plan was decided that we would remove the “sod” from a strip closer to the street and on a straight line between the driveway and the front walk, and then put that sod in the hole with some filler to make the green space up to the flower beds. You can tell that my lawn has been around for 60 years or so–the root system is about 6 inches deep.

It was a workout just to get the pieces out, never mind the 4 wheelbarrows of fill we had to shovel and tote to fill in the hole. Then, of course, also the pavers were a bit of a workout (about 80 lbs each).

However, the results are smashing. I have sidewalk, some grass (which I have to water every day for a while), plus no hole.

Job # 48 done.

Seek Simone

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

Rose has a web series!

Seeking Simone is a new lesbian web series about online dating. Follow the adventures of Simone Selkin as she dates her way through gay Toronto!

The first 2 eps are already available = wit + humiliation (yep, that’s online dating, alright).

The birthday meme of Melle

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

In honour of Melle‘s birthday, I did a google meme on “Melle wants…”

  • Melle wants to be the first and the best (which, today of all days, will be achieved absolutely)
  • Melle wants to constantly offer the consumer new products (it’s true – she’s very interested in new and exciting things on the Interwebs)
  • Melle wants you to join their band in Rockstars (she plays drums)
  • Melle wants to see the Vikings be a part of the 2008 state playoffs (and she means, like, real Vikings–with berserkers and everything–so I would not want to be the other team in the state playoffs)
  • Melle wants you to mind your own business (basically, stop asking her why she’s taken to wearing a parrot on her shoulder)
  • Melle wants to be in control… (but you’ll like it ;)
  • What Melle wants she gets (rawr).

Happy birthday!