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In hindsight…

Monday, March 28th, 2011

Just read Armageddon Science: The Science of Mass Destruction by Brian Clegg. Lots of apocalypse pROn, as expected, including chemical warfare, nanobots, climate change, meteors and volcanoes. The good news is that Clegg does a pretty good job of revealing the odds in our favour. Important to note that this book was released in 2010.

Because in the chapter about natural disasters, he talks a bit about earthquakes and tsunamis:

Earthquakes can have a double impact on human beings. First there is direct damage, most often caused by falling buildings. But also an earthquake in the sea can cause a tusnami…

And in some earthquake-prone areas, like Japan, a huge amount of effort has been put into constructing buildings that can withstand high levels of seismic activity without collapsing and crushing those within.

Some countries have done what they can to minimize the impact of tsunamis. Japan, for example, has built special coastal walls…

Very weird to read in March, 2011.

Serving with distinction

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Feel free to add your own. There’s many more to choose from.

Best damn things I saw all week

Friday, March 18th, 2011


Considering this is from the 1930′s, it’s two scoops of awesome. He’s cooler than the coolest man in the world…

Hot Pants Homo by Percy Fenster
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If ever you are having a bad day:

a) Think about Japan and get over yourself.

b) Find some Lorii.

Via Melle

Via Melle


Sunday, March 6th, 2011

Harper pollster: Hi, I’m calling on behalf of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. I was wondering if we will have your support…

Me: Put me in the category that says Stephen Harper is a narrow-minded bully.

Harper pollster: In, ah, so you wouldn’t vote for him.

Me: No.


I forgot “petty”, though.