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Straightup KW: Tequila!

Saturday, July 28th, 2012

It’s been a while since our last Straightup event (and since my last post), so it was great to get back to it last week. David Yoon is one of the Straightup hosts and he was our tasting guide this time around for tequila.

I don’t know much about tequila, except it pays to pay for the good stuff (as many a girls’ weekend has taught me). But this was the really good stuff, some of which you can’t get in Canada.


Our selections for the evening

Our first bottle was Milagro Reposado. This one smelled the most like “tequila” – a bit of oil, with some vanilla and wood, though, so already I was in different territory. It also had the oiliest mouth feel, but an interesting briny/mineral finish.

Next was Tres Generaciones, an old family recipe of the Sauza family, as the name implies. It was a clear tequila compared to some of the others we tasted, and it is not casked in oak barrels. This one was my favourite of the bunch. Nice taste and very smooth.

Partida Anejo was really interesting. I pegged the aroma of this one as a cactus wearing nail polish, which doesn’t sound good, but it was. Taste was definitely of agave and bourbon with a light wheat colouring and long finish. This one is casked in Jack Daniels and that bourban taste came through for sure.

Then came Riazul Anejo, which is hard to find even in the States. The aroma on this one was of candy canes, or cotton candy or something, which was quite strange for a tequila. And it tasted sweet, which was also quite strange but very pleasant. Like a dessert tequila, should you need one.

It was interesting to hear about Lowland and Highland bottlings and the caskings, just like with whisky, and David assured us that tequila drinkers are happy drunks, so there’s that.

The venue this time around was at Center in the Square and it was perfect for the occasion. Every time we do one, I get excited for the next one. Who knows what’s next – sake?