I know I’ve been writing a lot about television shows lately but here’s one more post anyway.

Sublime first: BSG is back! I’m totally sucked in again. There was so much revealed in the history of the cylons this last ep, and now that I’m over the idea of Ellen being the final cylon, I’m warming to her being the “mother” of it all. She’s very leader-y as well, which we didn’t get to see so much when she was with Tigh this last time around since she was drunk and/or lecherous for most of it.

Anders’ bullet-triggered flashbacks are giving more “human” layers to the skin-jobs — I think we have a hard time not empathising with them when they clearly have a history of loss and gain and trying to do the right thing same as some of the tribes (and they refer to themselves as “people”). I’m sure Dr John Hodgman is not the cause of the flatline we saw at the end. I think it’s that nasty nurse, as Maggie says. The metaphorical and literal disintegration of the ship is a great sub-plot as well – not only because it is a valid reason for cylon technology to be used in the fleet (after the rebellion and all), but also because I love the idea of the biotechnology (kinda like Moya!). Anyway, I’m back on the BSG train and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

But perhaps I’ve become a bit too enamoured. I was listening to the iPod today on shuffle and Boney M’s “Rivers of Babylon” came on and instead of “Zion” I kept hearing “Cylon”, but in a weird way, it works…

(Boney M are Johnny Cash are about the only musicians from whom I can stand songs on a spiritual theme).

Sublime Second: Ru-Paul’s Drag Race. Seriously, bitches. Cross Project Runway with America’s Top Model at a Karaoke gay bar and the result is fabulous entertainment. Some of these girls are drop-dead gorgeous and some leave a bit too much testosterone tart on the floor. It also features the most honest reality show imprecation ever uttered: “Don’t fuck it up “. Melissa passed along this link to Tom & Lorenzo’s blow by blow on the episodes so far. Ru-Paul has some of the funniest lines going. I’ll definitely be watching this one again.

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2 Responses to “Sublime”

  1. Maggie says:

    I swear half of Sigur Ros’s songs have the word Cylon in them repeatedly. You Cylon rose is in one of them. That Boney M song is wonderful! You always have great music on your blog! You might like this Russian Army Dance Battle with RunDMC. So great!

  2. scotchneat says:

    And in music serendipity, Boney M is famous for the stomping disco classic “Rasputin”, which goes nicely with a Russian Army Dance Battle – no?