When brilliance happens

“Briar Rose”. This week’s Dollhouse was the pay-off if you’ve been watching, and if you haven’t been watching, you’re dead to me.

Holy Frak. Jane Espenson proved once again why she is one of the best writers for television right now. And Alan Tudyk–he of the surprising upper body strength–rocked it.This was the first episode where I wanted to be all old-tymey, as when Melle and I used to watch Buffy together virtually and email each other dialogue quotes as fast as they could sling zingers.

Ballard finds the “architect” of the Dollhouse who built in the self-sustaining systems, played by Tudyk. Tudyk’s dialogue is witty and self-efacing and damn funny and we are treated to some awesome slapstick un-buddy movie schtick between him and Pinoket.  The counter-story, which offers up the informing mythology of the episode (as well as the show), features Echo helping a young girl in trouble. Topher imprints Echo with what is essentially the young girl’s brain as a health woman–who better to help her?

The girl really hates the story of “Briar Rose” (essentially “Sleeping Beauty”), particularly the fact that she doesn’t save herself, and some prince comes along 100 years later and gets all the glory when he saves her. Echo/Susan turns the story on its head and says maybe Briar Rose created the prince to save her. But if I say more than that, it’s spoiler time.

Just do yourself a favour and go watch the damn series. Seriously.

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