How to have a good weekend

Melle and I ventured off to Erin yesterday for a sleepover at K’s house. If you’ve never been, it’s a lovely village that has more than its fair share of gorgeous 19th-century brick main houses & cottages (and an inordinate number of bikers).

K’s house is not exception, and it is free of bikers. It has 18 inch base boards. 18 inch! And original door moldings with fancy scrolls, and wide-plank hardwood floors and a double porch. I would, in fact, contemplate offing her if I can only figure out how to get into the will first.

We were also joined by Charlie the cat. He’s big, grey, long-haired and not quite over his start as a barn cat. He’s also able to leap from the deck to the top of the fence in a single bound that is quite impressive.

We started on the drinking about 2:30pm–wine for the ladies, and scotch & ginger for me. And before you start yelling at me for sullying the scotch, I keep some cheap stuff on hand that suffices as my “rye whiskey”. It always amuses me to see it swirling around in the glass in protest for daring to bring it in contact with another liquid.

Anyway, the boozin’ continued well past dinner, though the other two switched to gin & tonic at some point. There was a threat of tequila, but probably a good idea that one didn’t materialize, since three half-naked women running around Erin might have been noticed.

We also spent some time spying on neighbours — of which one is a serial noise offender while he pushes dirt from one pile to another with what looks like a combination front-end loader & pile driver, and one of which is possibly a drug dealer, or an architect.

Though we didn’t stay up terribly late, we did manage to enjoy some Hits of the 80′s later in the evening–I forgot how much I like Echo & The Bunnymen. K made the astute observation that “Killing Moon” would make an excellent song for True Blood. Take note, Mr Ball.

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2 Responses to “How to have a good weekend”

  1. DJL says:

    1) I spent a few years as a kid living on the Peacock (5th) side road, not that far off Trafalgar Road in Erin Township. I even went to school in Brisbane for a few months. I seem to remember Hillsburgh and Erin being a lot more rundown than it is now. I drove through the area last year, and couldn’t believe the difference.

    2) So why did you start requiring people to register before they could comment?

  2. scotchneat says:

    1) Yes – it’s a bit prettified these days :) But like I said, still lots of bikers and pick-ups.

    2) I was having a few issues with commenters and that seemed the only way to fix it. You’re A-okay, of course.