My televison is deaf-mute geek

I wrote a while ago about how my television became deaf-mute, or it thinks I’m deaf-mute. ┬áRandom closed captioning, teletext narration and so on. Then a few weeks ago, it decided that every channel should be… Space Channel. Pick any number. Guaranteed TNG rerun. But it fixed itself except for the closed captioning stuff so I went on as usual.

Then 2 nights ago, it committed itself. Absolutely, Space Channel only. And the weird part of it is that the last channel I was watching before universal Space Channel was NOT the Space Channel, so this is something that the tv CHOSE FOR ITSELF.

Now, I’m all for the Buffy reruns (6pm ET), and I can even put up with Stargate for brief periods of time. But a girl also needs some house porn from time, or you know, my Time Team.

Now that the thing is sentient, I’m loathe to put it to the curb for being monomaniacal in its viewing choices, but ssshhhh, I’m research LCD flat screens as we speak.

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