Puck! Shoot! Net!

Boys. Boys. Boys.

You broke my heart. But whichever farthead came up with your power-play book ought to be shot. IT’S THE FINAL GAME OF THE STANLEY CUP FINALS. Screw the box and the passes and the “waiting” for an opening. Go crazyass on the net. GO to the net. Hit anything in red that moves.

Nevertheless, Mr Pisani (best hockey name ever) and Mr Ward (wrong team, but what the hell): good on yas.

2 Responses to “Puck! Shoot! Net!”

  1. s0ckmonkey says:

    Psst – Pisani.

    Agreed on the Ward.

    There was something in the air that night
    The stars were bright, Fernando
    They were shining there for you and me
    For liberty, Fernando…


  2. anonymous says: