Coffee, warm oven bagels, spices, herbs and manure!

It’s a good start to the day to go to the Market with a friend. I picked up some coffee at City Cafe (supporting some fair trade along the way) before we headed over. That place is a jewel. Its bewitching aromas of fire-baked bagels and hot apple tarts made me so mellow that I was charmingly nice to the elderly patrons one finds there at 7am on a Saturday.

The Market was pleasantly busy, and we enjoyed a wander among the stalls. The peppers were ready with a myriad of colour to draw us in. The corn was plump and a sweet Fall yellow. And the hardy mums brought beautiful russets to the mix (on balance with the gourds and pumpkins in profusion).

In the air was the smell of fresh basil mixed with spiced lamb, new cider, ripe fruit and fresh manure.

When I got home, I made some great scrambled eggs, then enjoyed another coffee with my morning paper on the porch – crisp air and dappled sun. Sigh.

It’s the kind of day when I wish I had a country lane for a long, meandering, contemplative walk.