I was sitting in the waiting area at the car dealer. One of the mechanics is at a desk, borrowing the computer. The service manager is at her desk, and another mechanic comes around the corner and she asks the service manager, “Dare I ask the usual question?”

I knew the service manager was going to say that he (someone) was upstairs. And she did.

While this was going on, I was reading a book that I’ve never read before, and the paragraph was about a young Jewish woman visiting a pawn broker after the war to get back her family’s jewels. The broker is going to try to placate her, so she offers her some pastries.

I knew the next sentence was going to say that the young Jewish woman was onto the pawn broker, and that she would gobble up as many pastries as possible. And I read on, and she did.

Then the feeling went away. Why couldn’t I get more useful information? like a lotto number or something?