5 Reasons to Shovel Late at Night

If you’re in a place that needs shovelling.

  1. There’s time to have a nap first.
  2. Sometimes a neighbour does some of it for you, like your sidewalks.
  3. It’s more likely that the wind dies down. Who knows why?
  4. No glare on the snow means no sneezing or blindness.
  5. No one can see that you are wearing purple socks, old sweat pants, a mangy hat and a gortex that’s 3 times too big for you.

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2 Responses to “5 Reasons to Shovel Late at Night”

  1. Roro says:

    Keen tips! I do all of my homeowner activities under cover of darkness for many of the same reasons. Nobody needs to see my hair…or my penguin pyjamas…when I take out the trash.

    Also, it took me 7 tries to pass the human test. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN

  2. scotchneat says:

    It’s very unnerving when one of the neighbours decides to venture out at the same time. It’s like, dude, look away before you get hurt.

    The human test is cruel, I know! Did you miss that day on Sesame Street?