Good tips for a girl’s weekend

  1. You can’t have enough cheese. Smoked. Onionized. Tart. Sweet. Spicy. Eat it all.
  2. If you have really good tequila, you can get through three bottles in a weekend with no hangovers (and if you do have a hangover, it’s most definitely the beer’s fault).
  3. It’s more likely that you can sing karaoke to a Yiddish folk song well, than, say, “Barracuda” by Heart.
  4. Dogs don’t like karaoke.
  5. Put a bunch of software/marketing types together and you can have a business plan inside 2 hours for a “party in a box”.
  6. Always make plans for some sort of physical activity then start drinking too early to actually carry them out. You still feel virtuous.
  7. Girl’s weekends should be mandatory at least semi-annually.

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