Um, ew!

I was flipping channels the other night, and there was a show on about “Real ER Stories” or something like that. Not something I watch, but they were showing a woman’s head close up AND THERE WERE BUBBLES COMING OUT OF HER SCALP.

Then, the voiceover pipes up and says And they insisted that there were BUGS under her SCALP. What? Hooked now, I had to see what the hell they were talking about. The re-enactment is cut in by the actual ER Doctor who was there, and he has this look of bemused grossed-outedness on his face.

Then, he SEES A WORM-LIKE BUG COMING OUT OF A HOLE IN HER SCALP. Forceps at the ready, he pulls out THREE OF THEM.

The couple blamed it on a trip to Costa Rica. Whatever. She had worms in her head!!!

I googled “worms in scalp” for you, just to see if this is possible. Reading the top 10 matches has given me the heebie-jeebies. Suffice to say, this is probably true. Google it yourself if you want to go there. I’m not going back.

2 Responses to “Um, ew!”

  1. anonymous says:

    It was insane!
    Usually these hospital shows don’t gross me out but oh my.
    - Keri

  2. scotchneat says:

    Seriously. Makes me want to shampoo my hair for about 3 days.