Shopping on the Interwebs

There are some things that one buys online and expects to buy online; some are surprises.

This is a fabric comb

This is a fabric comb

The first thing is a sweater comb. I started looking for sweater combs about 6 weeks ago. You would think this would be an easy thing to find. By the yarn or in the laundry aisle or something. But no. Nothing at fabric stores, department stores. Hell, even CT let me down and they have everything!

And no, I do not want the “electric” version of the thing – why buy something that needs batteries when there’s a perfectly good tool that does not?

Great gift, btw. Pulls off pills from pants and sweaters and stuff. An excellent little invention.

And then it was sweatshirts. I like sweatshirts. The normal kind. No hoods. No zippers. No pockets. Just a gorram sweatshirt. But everyone else likes hoodies with zippers and pockets, so that’s what the stores stock.

Online shopping to the rescue on both counts. I shall have my comb and sweatshirts delivered to my door. Bless the Internet.