Sometimes, great things happen to awesome people

1 BILLION dollars. That’s the box office so far for Avengers. Joss, for his part, says now he can afford the “fancy coffee” but other than that, he’s gonna work on the projects he already has planned.

Can’t really talk about the movie without spoilerage, but let’s just say that the Jossian moments make it. And Hulk steals the movie. Except, Tony Stark and Joss Whedon? Made for each other. The build-up was a bit slow but the action of the last half was blockbuster in the best way. Loved the alien ships and the big booms and the dialogue.

And like a good little browncoat, I had a squee and a clap when I saw “Directed by Joss Whedon” at the end.

Note to parents: please please please, don’t bring kids under 5 to the movies, unless it’s parent day and it’s a kid’s movie or something.