Shootout? Bah!

Watched the first game of the (hallelujah!) hockey season last night. Outcome was dismal: Ottawa won.

The game featured the first regular-season tie, and therefore the first regular season shootout, based on the new rules. Let me tell you that this new rule sucks. How is this hockey? Give me my double-overtime, jumping up and down, and swearing at the tv!!!

The lead-up was lovely, though. Melle made yummy nachos and we enjoyed the pleasures of pineapple and rockets (smarties to the Americans) with Irish whiskey. Excellent taste sensations.

On another note, JeanLuc had a bit of an adventure tonight. I let him out on the enclosed front porch when I got home from work, as per usual. About 1/2 hour later, I went upstairs to change and saw him in the BACKYARD. JeanLuc is an indoor cat. Now sauntering around my flower garden like an outdoor cat.

Thankfully, he listens. I approached him as though nothing was wrong and called him to ‘come’. Which he did. Scooped him up and deposited him back on the front porch and then screwed shut the old milk door through which he made his escape.

He’s been out there three times since then, trying to figure out how to open that door…