Belinda zigs again

Just when you think she’s gonna zag. As featured in post 236, Belinda’s been taking some media heat on her relationship with Bill (Clinton that is).

Well take this, people! How about Tie Domi instead?! If this is even a little true, and they’ve gone out for dinner and snogged outside the Parliament buildings, she’s just converted the Don Cherry fan club to the Liberal Party and he’s gained some solid manly points for the boys at TSN.

I want to have dinner and lots of wine with this woman. There’s stories to be had.

One Response to “Belinda zigs again”

  1. [...] Who’s to say what the personal story is. The romantic twists, the dog story, the femme fatale mistress stint with Domi. All of these things can’t be easy in the political limelight, but isn’t the first requirement of a politician a thick skin? [...]