Dumb move, Comedy Central

As reported on Boing Boing, youtube has removed all Comedy Central content, including the Daily Show and Colbert Report clips.

Early on, I guess the lawyers were kept at bay to allow the viral marketing to propogate, but now they’ve had enough? Problem is that if you’ve tried to watch a Daily Show clip on Comedy Central, then you know how much the site sucks and the play is slooooow.

Jeff the BB reader (link above) is spot-on as to why Comedy Central ought to leave well enough alone.


# You have tiny pathetic little videos that can’t be resized. It’s like watching the TV in the next room through the keyhole of a closed door.# You use javascript to launch a popup window. Therefore, I can’t send a link to my friends or put a link on my blog to direct someone to the video I want them to see.

# Your popup window can’t be opened in a tab or resized. Give me control of my browser back.

# Your popup window has an obnoxious background that I’m afraid is going to give me a seizure.

# Next to your video, there’s an ad that’s bigger than the video (Firefox blocks it, but I’m still annoyed by the gaping hole that remains).