The books

I got tired of looking at my university puny bookshelves in my office, so I purchased two honkin’ cube shelving units to replacing three of the old pieces. Ah, the anal adrenaline (don’t think too hard on that image).

Clean shelves. Re-alphabetized books. A bit of memory lane while I went through some old binders that were hanging around. I had two full binders of UI-related articles going back about ten years. Some of them were so quaint! It’s amazing how far the field has come in that time. I’m, like, a UI geezer.

Aaanyway, I thought I should probably try to cull while I was cleaning up the books. But the books don’t want to leave. Out of hundreds, I found only twenty that I could persuade myself to give up. Criteria was pretty tough: hated it, would never read it again, AND bad cover. They haven’t actually left the building yet, so I should get them into a closed container before I start sneaking them back onto the shelves. Worst part is with more storage, I still only have half a shelf left on which to expand my collection.

I really need a library.