Aunthood: 1, House: 0

My sister, brother-on-law and my niece and nephew came into town today so we could partake of the 150th celebrations in Waterloo. Our primary focus was on the PI events, of course.

They had Science for Kids on the main floor, and we got to race balloon rockets and make a fish and put our hands in starch goo that is both a liquid and a solid. Very cool.

I got tickets for my sister and brother-in-law to attend one of the public lectures and I took the kids next door to Waterloo Park. Let me tell you, this kid thing? Good gods, I don’t know how mothers and fathers do it. I had the niece running ahead 20 feet while the nephew was sauntering behind 20 feet and visions of weirdos looking for stray beasties so I was constantly looking back and forth and sending out voicepings to keep them both in talking distance. And then the niece would get distracted by a bunny and the nephew would run ahead 20 feet, and I’m not sure they know how to walk in step in any case.

We did get a chance to pet a baby goat, and see some ducklings and discourse on the salient characteristics of llama poop. Oh, and there was a parade! That kept them seated for a good 15 minutes. We loved the drums, the big black horse and the orange mustang and the cool solar car. Which led to an interesting discussion on what things we can do to protect the environment – we agreed that walking at a brisk pace is the best way to go with biking a close second.

I’m feeling massively proud to have escorted them about for a whole hour and 15 minutes without losing them, and with no broken bones, crying fits or inappropriate use of boogers. Being unchilded, this is indeed a big deal :)

Splendid day.

On the other hand, I am still houseless. Mr Agent and I looked at 3 more houses yesterday, 1 of which is very nice, with a few things that don’t work for me and I’m laying bets that the price will go above what I’m willing to pay. Given my recent disappointments, I’ve opted not to bother on this one. Next week is my official panic week, though. I am need of a house.