I was made for lovin’ you, ba-by

Oh yeah. This year’s “Jeans and Classics” night was all about Kiss! Melle and I went with friends of mine.

As always, the best part was the people-watching. There’s lots of season ticket holders who are probably not in the generation who put on their Kiss make-up and threw devil horns in the smoking section at high school. It’s more than entertaining to watch them trying to figure out when they should be applauding a guitar solo (and, I’m sure, wondering where the heck their beloved string section has gone musically).

The crescendo of the evening was “I Wanna Rock n Roll All Night” where our fav lead singer led the crowd to a stand-up, clapping sing-along. He didn’t disappoint in the wardrobe department either – leather pants, and possible a codpiece.

The two happiest dudes in the place were Brent and Tom: two 16 year-old skinny geeks who came to celebrate the Kiss in righteous fashion.

Good time had by all.