Things to remember when you buy a new house

I think, like having a baby, there’s a natural blackout response that blocks all of those things that one has to deal with:

  • hours spent looking – well, at least for me. I think I hit 30 houses, and lost two that I really liked, before I purchased one.
  • mortgage negotiations – and higher payments, of course, if you are trying to climb the property ladder. So much % this and amortize that. In the end I think they get you just because you can’t crunch another number without wanting to shove your stylish mechanical pencil into your right eye.
  • land transfer tax – I’m pretty sure no one except the Premiere knows what this is for. You have to pay it. That’s for sure.
  • real estate fees – Don’t get me wrong, it was the right decision for me to go with an agent instead of on my own. But giving away a certain % of your sale price is painful. That’s a new chair, dining room set and kitchen floor (at least) going out the door for what always feels like a bit of a write-up and some phone calls in retrospect.
  • lawyer fees – Yes. Lawyer gets his or her bit as well. Their job is to do a little search and sign some papers. They do get the lovely job of handing you the keys, though.
  • paint – particularly if you’re like me and buy a house that hasn’t been updated since Pearson was da man. Buckets and quarts and gallons of paint.
  • furniture – you always think you can’t possible need anything new, but it’s a rare thing that your current household fits right into its new walls. A cabinet here, an ottoman there, and the folks at Visa are happy campers.
  • the surprise – every house has one and it’s usually not good. Bad wiring, crappy water tank, ants. You know, some extra little surprise that the house gives up after you signed off, to let you know who’s really in charge.

When I’m here a few years from now getting houselust, somewhere remind me about this :)