December malaise

I have my own reasons for this. December is usually a bad month for me. This year more so.

But I had three conversations in the office today, with people who are feeling very *tired* of work, who want to curl up in a ball or hide out or tell everyone that rubs them the wrong way what they really think. Maybe it’s a Canadian thing, or a Northern clime thing. That need to shrink one’s world to a warm blanket and the warmer glow of a tv or a fireplace. Only a select few allowed to break through the perimeter for the occasional conversation or semblance of human contact.

I’ll be doing my version of Festivus again this year: basically me and the cat, a selection of movies and/or Joss Whedon DVDs, alcohol and my favorite red fuzzy blanket. I guess the tough part is thinking about the possibility of how it might have been different…

One Response to “December malaise”

  1. s0ckmonkey says:

    It can STILL be different. You’re not dead, nor ENTIRELY what you were. And you’re the one choosing to “celebrate” like this.