Making the grade

Drove over to my sister’s house yesterday to put in a few hours helping them to dig up about half their yard and then lay stone for various projects. My brother-in-law has become quite adept at manoevering the machinery, which is probably the culmination of gaming skills learned long ago.

In any case, the rain made sure that we had enough muck on our shoes to qualify them as anti-gravity boots. We figured out a pretty good system for checking grade involving a 2×3 and a baby level. Dig the muck and clay, move some over here. Dig some more…

I felt bad leaving them with big holes and tons more stone to move, but I had to get back to take care of JL. I had big plans to start priming the kitchen when I got back, but my ambition changed to food, nap and reading by the time I got home :)

Then I had a dream last night that my sister wanted to cover my back patio with 1 1/2 inch gravel.