The singles

On an internal site at work, there was a comment left that people were having to make some hard choices between work and life. I.e. having to do things after hours, after the kids go to bed… But there was one sentence that really spiked my punch: “And these aren’t the singles!” Meaning, of course, that it’s somehow okay if SINGLES have to work late, or at home, or on the weekends, but people with kids? Or married people? Oh no, that’s really bad!

So many levels of reality check here, that’s a given, but as a SINGLE, I can say that the sentiment is pretty pervasive in the workplace. Many times, it’s been assumed that it’s okay for me to take on extra work, since I have no dependents, what ELSE could I need/want to be doing during “life” time? It can be subtle too. If you’ve ever worked on a team comprised mostly of women, then you know all about the family days that invariably come up. And trust me, a sick cat doesn’t qualify.

What I want to do during my “life” time is my business, and I’m equally entitled to it, whether I breed or not. To think otherwise is discriminatory, and more than a little smug.

2 Responses to “The singles”

  1. Kemmerson says:

    And even married people without kids get the same treatment. Apparently if you don’t have kids… well… you get the picture.

  2. scotchneat says:

    It’s one of those things that gets my gitch in a knot.