My father is a bad influence on me

This weekend was another reno weekend. My Dad arrived Friday morning, and we got started on installing a new window in my kitchen. Because we went from 3 small windows to one big one, we had to cut out the separators and such. And did I mention that we hit a cold snap? As with all of our adventures, this seemingly straight-forward task required us to remove all manner of power tools, a break, shims, insulation, screws, foam and whatnot from his truck. It’s a bit like a clown-car at the circus, cuz I have no idea how he fits it all in there.

After freezing our tushkas off, we decided to move back indoors and prepped to put in a new wire from the box, across the basement ceiling and up between the kitchen/living room walls for the above-stove microwave. I also had to do a lot of cleaning up in the kitchen from the window fun. Oh, and there was our ubiquitous trip to the hardware store somewhere in there, where I introduced him to the wonders of the laundry sock.

Anyway, I managed to steer him clear of the junk food for dinner that night, opting instead for soup and sandwich. We did have tea and cookies for dessert, which he followed up with some Rolos :)

Saturday morning was about -15 Celsius, and the winds were about 50 km/h. Perfect weather to be outside capping windows. All told, we were out there for a few hours (we had to cap the new kitchen window as well as the bathroom window that he put in a few months ago). I got to cut the spray foam to size, but then I was relegated to stomping around to ward off frostbite and picking up little pieces of aluminum as he trimmed up the trim. My neighbours, understandably, paused to stare at us as they hurried from their warm houses to their warm cars, half-blind from the biting wind coming around the corner. Like I said, perfect weather. In the end, I couldn’t feel my toes.

For lunch we had Timmie’s chili, which, on top of the bean soup from the night before, was setting up for some familial gassiness that I’d rather not be a part of. Heeding doctor’s orders to “cut back on the pie”, my Dad opted for a maple-glaze doughnut to go with. I, of course, had Smarties :)

Then it was wiring time. For the first time, evar, it went rather smoothly. There was an empty line of holes in the beams for us to string the wire through, and the place where we had to fish it up between the walls was an open cavity – natch. The plug-in was done fairly quickly and then we had to get the mounting plate up for the microwave, which also was done fairly quickly. They give you these patterns that you tape on the wall, so you drill the right places and microwave’s your uncle, or something like that. There was a moment where I was balancing the microwave on my head while he figured out how to snap it in place. I kept thinking how people elsewhere do this with big vats of water, so I should keep a stiff upper lip.

More cleaning after that, and then my usual allergy attack, allergy pill taking and allergy hangover nap. After which Melle dropped by and we had take-out chicken and fries (so, not good on that one).

After dinner, it was more cookies and tea, and more chocolate for him (but at least it’s not PIE). Melle got to witness a “Mike rant”, wherein my father gives forth on what he thinks about Mike Holmes – I like the expletives! Whatever you do, do NOT mention the garage episode (!@#!$# custom windows in a garage! !$@#!# digging four feet down for the footings! @!$#@$#! cemented the whole damn driveway!!). Just walk away, slowly.

We also found time to map out my kitchen updates, and a new bathroom for upstairs (taking over the current closets), and a reno for the bathroom on the main floor. I’ve said “no more windows” until the temperature outside is somewhere above the range that would hurt a brass monkey.

So here’s the bad influence: usually, after my Dad leaves, I’m content to collapse in a heap on the couch and read for a bit, or otherwise reassert my right to do absolutely nothing for hours at a time. After my Dad left today? I did the dishes, cleaned up some more and cleaned out the gutters! The gutters! wtf?

Here’s a little before and after. The before is outside, and the after is inside, only because it’s November and it gets dark now at, like 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll take an outside shot should I ever see the sun again – it really changes the look of the house. I like the mullions.

Old Kitchen Window

New Kitchen Window

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  1. Sean says:

    Very nice job. The window looks fantastic ! Your hired.