Blog in review

Look back at your blog – take the first sentence or two from the first post for each month of 2007 and see what you get.

OED asks for the full monty

I finally found the memory box.

I know. How mundane to write about the weather.

Went to look at a house today. Built 1952.

I didn’t get the house. [It wasn't the house from April ;)]

Fresh pineapple + fresh strawberries + 1992 Talisker = heaven.

I looked at the list of previous owners of my house and there was a German name, a Polish one, an English one and a Scottish one.

Egads, I forgot one moving story.

I watched the first season of Torchwood, courtesy of Andrew.

Google, I jest about owning my ass, but this is why you scare me…

I woke up the other morning with just the fading memory of a dream.

Thank you to the arsehole who took a look at my neatly lettered “No flyers, please” sign before proceeding to stuff three-and-a-half inches of Christmas advertising into my mailbox.

Big house year, apparently. Idea courtesy of Melissa.

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