What’s Next and Why I’m Now for Belinda

Well. The votes are in, and to be typically Canadian, “It could have been worse.” Cons: 124; Libs:103; Bloc: 51; NDP: 29

This is a very slim minority government–Canadians saying that there needed to be a slap on the wrist, but for the love of Pete, don’t let that Harper fellow actually DO anything. And the popular vote (versus number of seats) indicates that the Conservatives aren’t as popular as they’d like to be.

The markets won’t be happy about it, and we’re fair on going through this again within two years. May Rick be wrong about the Minister of Foreign Affairs (egad!). I’m disappointed but hopeful that the Liberals and NDP will band together to block ANY move by this right-wing group to touch women’s rights or gay rights. And to ensure that the government doesn’t wreck our balanced budget trying to kiss enough ass to stay in government for a little longer.

I told my Dad a few days ago that, if the Liberals lost, Martin would step down as leader. Told you so. And I also predict that Belinda Stronach will run for the Liberal leadership. I go by my gut on things, and based on her acceptance speech, I’m for her. It’s been a hope for me that the real reason she jumped from the Conservative to the Liberal party was that she had a true and honest crisis of conscience. That she saw the direction of the former and understood the danger it represents to people outside of the Conservative frickin’ “family values” (see previous post). Hope is rising that she did, and for that alone, I’ll do what I can to support her. In her own words:

“Tonight, Canadians have spoken and given Stephen Harper and his Conservatives a trial run at leading the government of Canada,” she said.

“Where he acts for the national good for all Canadians, he will have my support. But where he wishes to place in jeopardy the equal rights of individual Canadians or women or the unity of the country, he will find me an attentive and vocal critic.”

Me too, Belinda. Me too.

One Response to “What’s Next and Why I’m Now for Belinda”

  1. s0ckmonkey says:

    She ever runs for PM, her campaign song should be “Heterosexual Man”, cuz besides us left-leaning, rights-lovin’, smart and sassy chick types, that’s going to form a big chunk of her voting base. Not for any of the right reasons, mind… :)