Last night on the way home from an excellent dinner with kemmerson, Melle and I were discussing traffic lights. Specifically, the ones that have the “tweet” noise so that blind people know when to cross. It all came about because there was a sign saying that there were “unusual traffic indicators” ahead, but all we could see were traffic lights.

In K-W, there are tweeters only at some lights, so were trying to figure out how they decided where to put them. I mean, did they pay some students to map the migratory patterns of blind people? But then we thought just put some paint on their shoes – no problem. You could even have paint trays kind of like the trays you have to walk through to block hoof-and-mouth disease, only with paint. Brilliant, no?

And here I am tonight futzing with maps of a different kind. To wit, how to get from Carcassonne to Nimes on land. In a mixture of French and English sites, I’ve been able to piece together that we can probably get there by train and/or bus, but they don’t make it easy to navigate or book a ticket. Merde!

Melle has suggested we flash the girls and get a ride. I figure I’m more useful telling the driver where we want to go.However we get there, there will be wine.