Spammer update

Lee heard from the spammer! Well, the spammer’s brother who spun a tale that he was trying to cover some negative publicity he brother received by posting comments that would be picked up by the search engines.

Lee is very gracious, but I think the guy knew exactly what he was doing, and that it’s called “spam”.

See Lee’s post here: http://quityourdayjob.com.au/archives/1086 

2 Responses to “Spammer update”

  1. Lee says:

    LOL I wondered whether anyone would think I was being too lenient on this guy. I guess I just felt bad for him at the end because in the off chance he was telling the truth then it’s a tragic story.

    But if he is lying and does know what he was doing at least we’ve shone a light onto it so he can knock it off!!

  2. scotchneat says: