Please, come on in

When I left my old house, I thought I was leaving the menagerie behind since the chipmunk was pretty attached to the shed and to the tree, the groundhog had already lined his hole with plastic from the neighbour’s, the bunnies were content with the park in behind and someone had run over the ducks.

But I got home today, and there were ducks. I have ducks! The pair were waddling around my driveway looking for a likely place to lay claim. As long as it’s not under the car, I’m good with that. I will scold them if they go anywhere near the road. And then there’s the squirrel who likes to eat my flowers, and bunnies who use my backyard as a launch zone for P’s garden. There is also a squirrel who seems to be burying nuts NOW, like, when it might be SPRING (ignoring the freakin’ snow that is supposed to arrive this weekend).

All to say that I am a critter magnet. The vermin? They love me.