Floyd, man

Melle and I accompanied our friends Jean and Cathy to another “Jeans and Classics” event with the K-W Symphony. This time it was a tribute to Pink Floyd. First half consisted of songs that were contemporary to the main event – a play-through of Dark Side of the Moon straight through.

Really interesting mix and some amazing solos – including a 1970s keyboard kind of thing with toggles and knobs, and when Don Paulton played it, the bass vibrated my sternum. Excellent.

From the first half, I think I enjoyed Space Oddity the most. And then when they did the Dark Side part, some locals made a media projection to go with the music. Visuals were pretty good, except for this eye that was there for the whole Dark Side track. It was a big eye! And it didn’t blink the whole time and everyone in the audience was trying not to look at it and/or blinked a lot to try to get rid of the tears…

Sax guy was pretty awesome and made some great O-faces, as did the guest guitar soloist. I think the Led Zeppelin tribute was more interesting for the orchestra, but the rockers had a hell of a time last night.

And my fav tiger bassist was groovin’ in the back again. I didn’t get to see him that much cuz the back-up singers were blocking my view, but man, that guy makes me smile.

Audience was every generation: teens in mint Floyd t-shirts, cougars, dirties, and a Mr Skullet in the front throwin’ the horns and clapping along.

Good time had by all.