Joss is still my master

If you’ve been awake at some point during the last week, you should have watched all 3 acts of Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog by now. If you haven’t, stop reading and go watch it!

Summary: Dr Horrible has a blog. And he wants to be evil, or, at least evil enough to get in with Bad Horse. He loves Penny who loves the homeless, ….and Captain Hammer. Captain Hammer always gets in the way and he loves himself (and sex with Penny). Horrible seeks his revenge, and revenge bites back. And there’s singing.

There was never any doubt that I would love this as I would love any child of Master Joss. There’s an entire movie in 3 acts for a total of about 40 minutes screen time (which perhaps tells you why the average movie these days is mostly dreck). I started off thinking that I could write down all of the excellent turns of phrase, but there were so many that I had to give up.

Neil Patrick Harris gets the nerdy/wants to be loved/evil impulses about right, and his singing was pretty good too. Nathan Fillion is buck. Maybe not buff, but definitely buck. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say he got a chin implant just to extend the iron jaw of the superhero to Mulronic proportions (ex PM of Canada, and definitely not a superhero). Every time he was on the screen, I was grinning before he said anything. Felicia Day had the right quirkiness and nerdy idealism even if she didn’t wash her hair. For me she was the weakest link, though maybe that’s also cuz I don’t know her that well.

The songs are all a mix of the sacred, profane and wtf? Some are stronger than others, of course. I’m not sure I’d sing along to *all* of them, but I definitely smirked at quite a few.

Views have been fast and furious – the server went down fairly quickly on the first day but they must have found a bigass one for later viewings because it’s been pretty stable since then. I’m not sure what the total iTunes traffic has been, but it’s the top “tv show” on their roster right now. It’s reputation has made it into the mainstream media and they feel they need to restate who Joss is and what Joss does (like the browncoats need that information). But, in the end, it’s opened up a new channel that I’m sure people will try again to varying results. And the youtubers are already offering up themselves as sidekicks for the Dr. (Who knows what Moist thinks about this).

The main money-making proposition in all this is the planned DVD, which is said to include sing-along commentary and lots of extras. Since the people involved in the project didn’t really get any money for their work, DVD sales will really measure the viability of the venture.

All signs are that sales will be huge, so look for more of this to come. Though nothing will be the same as the first one, or Joss.

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