Fingers crossed

Okay, it’s down to the wire. Obama has a comfortable lead in some states, a small one in others, and is behind in a few too.

The rest of the world knows where they think the vote should go (and not surprisingly, Canadians have voted more than any other country on this site). But maybe that kind of thing will cause a rush of contrarians south of the border who’ll vote McCain out of spite. How the nation can be anywhere close to voting for another Republican administration is outside of my boggling abilities, but since I’m unable to vote, I stand on the side holding my breath like millions of other people.

First, I hope that everyone who can vote, votes. The US has a very low voter turnout, and I hope that’s not the case this time. Even if I disagree with the outcome, it is their democratic right to choose the leader that they want for their country. But, please please please Obama supporters, don’t assume it’s in the bag and therefore you don’t have to cast a vote to achieve the outcome you want. Every single vote matters.

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2 Responses to “Fingers crossed”

  1. Lee says:

    It’s so weird that you guys don’t have to vote (I mean you should) but the ultimate in personal democracy being able to choose to have a voice or not.

    In Australia it is compulsory to vote, you generally get fined if you don’t. That doesn’t stop someone casting what we call donkey votes (ie not filling out the form etc).

    I’m interested in seeing what America will be like in six months time :)

  2. scotchneat says:

    We talk about that up here (compulsory voting) and you’d find more than a few people who think it’s a good idea. Me, I think you should *want* to vote.

    I’m interested too – though it very well could be just more of the same regardless of the election results. It’s really hard to change the course of a charging elephant.