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Brilliant moments, great and small

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

First off, Canada got 3 medals today – finally! Carol Huynh may be tiny, but she can whip your ass. You have to watch the footage of her flipping her opponent onto her back for a big score. So much to like about this story – parents immigrated from Viet Nam for a better life, she had only 2 senior championships and she defeated a world and Olympic champion. When asked about her victory, Carol said, “I knew I wanted to go in with supreme confidence in my abilities and not doubting myself one second. That’s what I did, and I wrestled the match of my life, and it was awesome.”

An article in the The Post says that the majority of Canadians are more interested in the competition and doing our best than in bravado and single-minded focus on winning, but her chutzpah is what got her that medal. And she cried while the anthem was played – gets me every time.

Of course, kudos also to Scott Frandsen & Dave Calder (silver, rowing) and Tonya Verbeek (bronze, wrestling).


And did you see this penguin who was knighted by Norway? Honestly, with the high-necked saunter and the inspection of the guard, I’m not sure you can tell the difference between him and the royal family.


Also, it’s Madonna’s 50th. I think I can freely admit that she’s been a soundtrack of my life – there’s been more bum-shakin’, drinking, sexing, aerobics, relaxing, singing in the living room and naked euchre to Ms Madge than just about anyone else. You’d think I was a 6 ft tall trannie from New York or something. There’s a hilarious story with my belt buckle and “Justify My Love” that I can’t say much more about. Ask Tiger.