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The birthday meme of Melle

Thursday, June 11th, 2009

In honour of Melle‘s birthday, I did a google meme on “Melle wants…”

  • Melle wants to be the first and the best (which, today of all days, will be achieved absolutely)
  • Melle wants to constantly offer the consumer new products (it’s true – she’s very interested in new and exciting things on the Interwebs)
  • Melle wants you to join their band in Rockstars (she plays drums)
  • Melle wants to see the Vikings be a part of the 2008 state playoffs (and she means, like, real Vikings–with berserkers and everything–so I would not want to be the other team in the state playoffs)
  • Melle wants you to mind your own business (basically, stop asking her why she’s taken to wearing a parrot on her shoulder)
  • Melle wants to be in control… (but you’ll like it ;)
  • What Melle wants she gets (rawr).

Happy birthday!

You made it, old man

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

Jean Luc is 17 today, which means he should be wearing pants around his ass and drinking gin through a straw.

According to sources, that’s 84 in cat years. So maybe he should be wearing pants around his nipples and drinking tuna juice through a straw.

It’s been a tough year for him: there was a round of daily throw-ups, followed by a hospital stay, a change in his insulin, a needle to the jugular, the introduction of heart medication, and a hypoglycemic incident that left him covered in honey and urine (resulting in a bath, which can also be added to his catalogue of horrors). We like to say he’s a bit like Mr Burns–everything’s wrong with him, but somehow it all balances out.

JL in his natural habitat

JL in his natural habitat

He’s so excited about the big day that he’s decided to find a whole new place to take a nap.