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Weekend so far

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

In Canada and the US, it’s Labour/Labor Day weekend – the last long weekend of the summer.

Friday night, Melissa, Melle, Andrew and I went to a Psychic Fair – we sat in on a Tarot 101 seminar and I got to draw a card – which turned out to be The Star – so the woman told me that because it comes after the Tower, I’ve “fallen” from a very great height and am moving now toward serenity, which would be alright by me, since I could hang out with Mal and the gang, and River could teach me how to fight, and that would be all kinds of awesome. But somehow, that’s not what I think she meant. My favourite “expert” has the apt moniker of “Crystal Wind”, and how can one argue with that – besides she’s a Certified freakin’ Tarot Reader. Overall, it was excellent entertainment and prime people watching.

Saturday was spent working on the yard – including a trim of the gargantuan bushes at the back of my yard. Basically, I take a ladder and push it up into the bush in a vertical. I have to climb it straight up carrying an electric hedge trimmer and kind of force it into the bushes for stability. There were a couple of times I wasn’t sure if the trimmer and I were going to go up successfully or come down to earth in some spectacular work incident. Then a little bit later, I tried to trim a huge bush near my back porch and I was using an extendable tree trimmer to reach the top. Well, the thing got stuck and yanked back …into the window pane on the porch. It’s an old single pane slider, so I’m going to have to try the Habitat Restore for a replacement, or else my Dad will be ordering some new windows ahead of schedule. Thank the construction gods for duct tape in the meanwhile.

Then today, Melle and I finally got around to going for a hike in Elora Gorge – it’s a conservation area on the Grand River about 1/2 hour outside of Waterloo. Each little trail is not that big, but there’s enough ups and downs along the way to get a good walk in. And we only broke the law twice – once wandering on to private property, and then another that involved an ungraceful scooch under a fence.

From Elora Gorge – August, 2009

Check out the album if you want a look.