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5 Reasons to Shovel Late at Night

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

If you’re in a place that needs shovelling.

  1. There’s time to have a nap first.
  2. Sometimes a neighbour does some of it for you, like your sidewalks.
  3. It’s more likely that the wind dies down. Who knows why?
  4. No glare on the snow means no sneezing or blindness.
  5. No one can see that you are wearing purple socks, old sweat pants, a mangy hat and a gortex that’s 3 times too big for you.

Canadia in verse

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

Due to a quirk on my iPod, I had a clear run of Canadiana folksie rock lyrics the other day. Understated wonder, nature , sensuality, and then once in a while, a 5 dollar word … and some hockey.

If I were to pick a few for your ear bud enjoyment, I’d go with these:

“Hasn’t Hit Me Yet” – Blue Rodeo

Hey hey I guess it hasn’t hit me yet
I fell through this crack
And I kinda lost my head
I stand transfixed
Before this street light
Watching the snow fall
On this cold December night

I know what you’re thinking – “transfixed”? But trust me, in the context of the song, it totally works. I like to belt this one out.

“Old Bloody Orange” – Hawksley Workman

Old sour grape
Tell me a story
Of two naked lovers out testifying
Beating their drums on a salty coastline
With blood in their tears
Held down from the heavens
By the virtues of their bodies
Their trying to make it last,
Make it last forever

Evocative of Mr Leonard Cohen. Gospel of the body.

(note: video is NOT his, but this was the only complete recording of this song I could find)

“Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

And just when you mean to tell her
That you have no love to give her
Then she gets you on her wavelength
And she lets the river answer
That you’ve always been her lover

“Nautical Disaster” (and so many more) – The Tragically Hip

I had this dream where I relished
The fray and the screaming that filled my head all day
It was as though I’d been spit there, settled in , into a pocket
Of a lighthouse off some rocky socket,
Off the coast of France, Dear

Oh what the hell, also “Bobcaygeon” – The Tragically Hip

Drove back to town this morning with working on my mind
I thought of maybe quitting
thought of leaving it behind
went back to bed this morning
and as I’m pulling down the blind
the sky was dull and hypothetical
and falling one cloud at a time (embedding disabled)

“The Hockey Song” – Stompin’ Tom Connors

Where players dash, with skates aflash, the home team trails behind.
But they grab the puck, and go bursting up, and they’re down across the line.
They storm the crease, like bumble bees, they travel like a burning flame.
We see them slide, the puck inside, it’s a 1-1 hockey game.

If any of this is new to you non-Canadians, give it a listen.

We suck

Sunday, December 21st, 2008
We don't like to look South most times

Our Dumb World, or the Onionized Google Atlas

What he says

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Rick Mercer on the state of the parliament and why Stephen Harper is not an honourable man.

(Link courtesy of Librarian Fonz)

Stay up late and write your own member’s bills

Thursday, December 4th, 2008

We have no parliament. New word of the day is prorogue: to end or force the end of a parliamentary session.

Harper and the gang have until the end of January to come up with a budget and smear all of the other parties in the media, before we probably end up back at a non-confidence vote, a possible coalition government, and/or another election.

The Bloc Quebecois are sitting in a fairly powerful position, since the Conservatives could use the support and they are only provisionally tied to the coalition (nice bit of wordsmithing, in which Duceppe said they will support the “ruling party”). However, since Harper has already done a fair job of crapping on Quebec already, it’ll be an uphill battle, or perhaps a way to get some really good prizes.

Do-over, eh?

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

For those of you not living in Canadia, you may not have heard of the crazy sh*t going on in our government these days. Basically, dictator Harper overstepped his boundaries, cuz he thought he could, and now the Liberals, New Democrats and the Bloc Quebecois have put together a coalition agreement in an effort to topple the government via a non-confidence motion. It’s so serious that Michaelle Jean (our Governor-General) is flying home early from Europe in case she needs to make a decision.

Here’s what this means:

  1. Stephane Dion would be the Prime Minister. Well, at least until May, since the Liberal party has already called a Leadership convention to elect a new leader after they lost the recent election in October. That means that the country will be run by a provisional leader of a coalition party.
  2. There will be 4 New Democrats in the cabinet, which is the closest that they will probably ever get to having any kind of federal power.
  3. A party that whose platform is actually to separate one province from the rest of the country will be a one of the triumvirate that is ruling that country.
  4. This whole thing will be decided by our Governor-General, a vestige job representing the “Queen” from the colony days. And if she decides to ask the opposition coalition to form the government instead of dissolving parliament, it’ll be only the second time in our country’s history. And we named a hockey trophy after the wife of the first guy that did it.

If I didn’t live here, I’d think that this was a plot outline for a satire by Scott Gardiner.

More seriously, I firmly believe that the Conservatives have brought this upon their own heads with their arrogance and continued obtuse misunderstandings of their opposition and the Canadian people. Ironically enough, the Canadian people think this whole deal is a bunch of hooey, but not because they agree with Harper and the Conservatives, but because they don’t want another election.

I’m not sure if I’m:

  • bemused
  • horrified
  • comforted by the idea that even with all of this, we’ll just tick along as the same old fairly safe, fairly happy, fairly affluent country we’ve always been.

For more reading, check out Cultureguru and James Bow.

Better than an “Attendance” badge at elementary school

Friday, November 28th, 2008

I was reading up on the Canadian Blog Awards – trolling for some new and interesting sites, and then I come across my site. This site. On the list.

check it out

Besides blushing like a schoolgirl at a Rick Springfield concert (it was a phase, okay?), I immediately pinged Melle to find out if she did it, and she says she didn’t, which means one of the other 7 discerning subscribers to this blog decided to write me in – how lovely!

But what I really want to say is that these kinds of things are a great opportunity to find some interesting people, interesting blogs, different viewpoints and more than enough material for worktime procrastination. So check it out:

Also, congrats to Melle and RoRo, who are also nominated in the personal blogs category, and Kate, who is nominated in the professional blogs category.

Peace and good government, right.

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

It’s a strange day when a federalist is thankful to the Bloc Quebecois, but here we are. Had they not held their 50 seats and taken some Conservative seats back in Quebec, Steve “I’m an arrogant asshat” Harper might have been handed a majority.

Of course, if the Liberal party had any kind of clue, they could have had some of those seats and a lot more. I’m wondering if the strategy team they went with wasn’t some little known co-op program for communications majors who didn’t get a placement in the first 2 rounds. There has been, and should be, lots of questions about Stephane Dion’s leadership, but the bigger culprit here really was the campaign manager and the communications people. Completely clueless.

In the end, Canadians got what they wanted, which is a minority government (Note to Steve: thanks for wasting some more taxpayer money to end up in the position that we were already in – we sent you a message, so do us a favour and listen this time).

Even and still, staying away from the polls shouldn’t have been the answer, though it’s one that many Canadians took. At the lowest numbers ever (59.1%), turnout is being blamed on apathy, or maybe the distraction of the American election, or a passive-aggressive comment on a distinct lack of good choice in any of the parties. Doesn’t matter. You don’t vote; you don’t get to complain about a single damned thing to do with policy, taxes or government for the next 4 years (or until Steve forgets about that pesky fixed election law he put in place again, and calls one in about a year or so).  I get really ticked off at people that don’t vote.

Positives? If there had to be an election, at least it was only 37 days and a lot less money than another election taking place in a country very close to here.

Here we go again

Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

Mr “Dead eyes” Harper has called a Canadian federal election.

Let’s try to ignore the fact that he introduced and passed a bill against calling an election early for no good reason (thanks for the link, Cathy) and then called an election early and for no other reason than his advisors think we’ll give him a majority. Let’s try to ignore the fact that he’s been campaigning for about 2 months already, or that today he had to apologize for showing a picture of Stephane Dion with birdshit on his shoulder today (cuz that’s the kind of class his campaigners have). Let’s try to ignore the fact that the picture is still up, sans poop, with derogatory “negative ad” hysteronics. Attack ads have become synonymous with the Conservatives, and it’s not attractive.

We shouldn’t ignore is what Canadians say the big issues are: healthcare, environment and the economy (and I’ll throw in individual rights). We can’t ignore people with mean souls as our leaders.

Happy Canada Day!

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008

To celebrate, I offer you Cory Doctorow’s educational background on our history. He proves his citizenship with a clip from Hilarious House of Frightenstein, one of our greatest cultural exports.