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What about a hairy pork chop?

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

People in my neighbourhood received our green bins this week! This is a magical bin into which I can put all manner of things that go to a magical recycling truck that is transported to a special place where they put it in manure furrows and composte the heck out of it.

I have spent joyous minutes perusing the list of things that I can put in my green bin. Like paper towels, and pork chops, and cheese and eggs, and mayonnaise (although why they single that one out, I’m not sure). And kleenex, oh and other stuff like hair and finger nails (though I think it has to be separated from the body first – I don’t think they’re accepting whole bodies).

The coup de grace in this whole thing? Kitty litter! By diverting the prodigous output of someone who shall only be named as “JL”, I will probably now have garbage for pick-up once every two weeks.

Recycling, dude. It’s so cool.