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7 courses of heaven are mine

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

I don’t ever win anything. Like namely the lottery, a key step in my retirement savings planning that has gone past due date on the overall project schedule.

However, I won! And it’s a good! A seven-course meal & wine pairings with Chef Michael Stadtlander. Stadtlander came over from Germany and eventually bought some land around Georgian Bay and founded Eigensinn Farm with his wife Nobuyo – where people made reservations about a year in advance to sit at their table for 12.

Stadtlander is a world-renowned chef who was doing “local and fresh” about 20 years before it became the cool thing to do. Guests have been treated to freshly-caught fish cooked in clay from a nearby creek, meat that basically walked in from the back 40 and herbs picked minutes before they became the garnish on whatever dish he happened to create that night.

He’s known for not “doing a recipe”; like a zen master, he simply looks at a cut of meat or poultry and then wanders off for inspiration in his gardens.

I have no idea what the menu is for Monday night, and I’m wondering if he does either. All I know is that we’re in for some major delight and definite flavour overload. w00t!

Here’s the hard part, though: I can bring only one friend, and I’ve got three that are willing to maim and dismember for a chance to go. It was suggested that I ask for favours (car detailing, oil massage…) but I might opt for the more entertaining cage match.