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Monday, March 15th, 2010

My family was renovating my sister’s house which wasn’t my sister’s real life house, and the not real life house had a dirt floor basement that seemed more like a catacomb with many rooms and kind of drippy walls. Anyway, my father broke through a rubble wall and a series of ghosts started coming out, kind of like in Scooby Doo when the kids find the secret door in the haunted mansion.

But these weren’t just any ghosts – I distinctly remember Abraham Lincoln, Christa McAuliffe and Bette Davis.

We weren’t exactly afraid of them, but to ensure that they travelled only on approved pathways, we put up police tape around hazards and unexcavated areas. ¬†They were very respectful of the boundaries. No one knows where they went upon exiting the premises.


Friday, June 13th, 2008

I am living in a storey-and-a-half house in the hills up north and the whole town is doing a parade but I don’t want to participate so I go to sleep. I wake up to the sounds of digging and motors and go to the window where I see a whole group of leather-clad people with flowers in their hair destroying my lawn.

I go downstairs. Turns out it’s Gene Simmons, who is a member of an itinerant gang of motorcycling artists. They are “beautifying” my lawn in honour of a former gang member who lived there. I wander back into the house trying to figure out what to do, when I notice there are some drips from the ceiling.

Suddenly, the whole ceiling is like a big sponge letting go and there are drips and flaking plaster everywhere. Now I’m really ticked off because my father told me that I could go another year before I needed a new roof, so I call him up to yell at him. Only he doesn’t care that everything’s wet and tells me to go put some “superglue” up there until they have time to take care of it.

With my house and yard completely ruined, I wander up a path into the hills in behind it.

When I reach the top, the itinerant motorcycling artists are showing their paintings and all of them are of the flowers that used to be in my garden.