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Here’s hoping there’s no bubbles

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

I’m about to try to finish the bald spots on my hardwood floor. It’s the one thing I wish I got done before I moved in, but the timing didn’t work out so well and here I am 2 years later with spots that have no finish at all.

The grossest part was when I washed it. I’m not a dirty house keeper, but my gods, that’s some dirt that came up. I’m hoping a lot of it was sawdust.

If this works, I’ll continue to do sections, since I’ve got nowhere to put all of the furniture and do it all in one go.

One of these days, I’ll live in a house where all of the reno jobs are done, and it will be peaceful. And then I’ll probably get bored and try to break into the neighbour’s and redo their house (I can see through the window that it hasn’t been properly updated since some time in the 70′s.

Frakkin’ gothic tile

Sunday, March 1st, 2009

First, BSG was Holy Frak! Tyrol stole the show I thought, and his horror at what he had done when he found out what was in the box that Boomer took was heartbreaking. And, just bear with me, but my little brain is saying that perhaps Cara’s dad was Daniel. That would be something. And the ship, she’s dying. And the president, she’s dying. And everything is a big frakkin’ mess. 4 shows to go.

I spent the weekend taking care of some errands, including smashing some tiles in the bathroom to pieces, which was rather satisfying. Since the last time I tried this the tiles took a bite out of me with my safety shorts, I had some thick jeans and running shoes and safety gloves and glasses on this time. The overall decor of the bathroom is now definitely full-on disintegration. There’s no sink, there’s still some blue tile and pepto-pink walls, and then garbage bags, holes and ripped-up plaster elsewhere. I think it’s a perfect time to have a dinner party or something.

I also read through the first 7 novels in the Sookie Stackhouse series, in a row. I know mostly they’re meant to be delightful southern gothic romps, but taken in one go like that, I was rather disturbed by the “ravish” fantasy that keeps popping up. Without giving anything away, pretty much any vamp or supe (supernatural being, like a wereperson) that gets within a few feet of our Sookie stands a good chance of bedding her. Which, fine, of course. I’m like to want to bed one or two of them myself, but I take issue with the fact that she’s forever describing it like her body is betraying her, or she couldn’t help herself (even though Harris is at pains to remind us all of the time that Sookie is the only human that the vamps can’t mesmorize). So, rather than owning it, it’s ravishment, and victimization in a way. Never mind how weird it was to not have Lafayette play such a large role, and to have Jason’s story unfurl on a different trajectory. In the end, though, I am much more smitten with True Blood–Alan Ball saw what was there in the novels and made it umpteen times better.