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Thursday, November 13th, 2008

Quite the week here in the K-dub! On Monday night, Melle and Andrew and I joined hundreds of “very special” people to see Penn and Teller at the Centre in the Square, courtesy of Sandvine. The show was awesome, but I’m still not sure how they got to the local by-law police and/or turned off every fire detection device in the building since they lit some torches, completed a few other fire-related tricks, AND got permission to light cigarettes in a public building (I’m sure there must be some Arts Council codicil).

They did some classics (“levitating” a woman and taking her picture) as well as a new one for Penn where he used a nail gun to randomly shoot at a) a slab of wood on steel table or b) himself (hand, neck, the boys). As per usual, he explained how he was doing it as he was doing it, and in this case, he had removed a certain number of nails from the strip and remembered the pattern. My theory is that he memorized it like a song, so he only needs to know the notes. He’s a musician after all. I told my Dad about it but he says he doesn’t want to try it.

Teller did some great sleight of hand and did a thing with a flower and a shadow and a knife that is apparently well known to people who are not me. Only problem was the ding-dong about two rows in front of us who thought that Penn’s monologue on circus dudes was a good time to engage in a full conversation with her friend. I was really close to the lean and tap, or maybe lean and punch.

Anyway, Wednesday night I went out for dinner with the lovely and talented Melissa. Ben Thanh’s. Yummy soup and curry. I’ll forgive her that she’s a dog person but we both acknowledge that a cat is much more likely to deface the body should one keel over alone after choking on chinese food.

And then today I went out for lunch with the Sheriff (Melle’s term, but apt). We made it through the value of “they” as a gender-neutral pronoun, cynical optimism, failblog and misanthropic charity.

It’s also been an excellent tv week. The ending of House was brilliant. I would not have forgiven them if House had veered from character and broke through his internal cage, so to speak. And the juxtaposition with Cameron and the agoraphobic guy was great. Hugh Laurie is muy hawt. And Bones came out of the dreck that has been its writing quality this year for a pretty good show. Loved the background on Seeley, and the return of the best intern, and the Booth brother story. Angela’s take on Brennan’s attraction to Booth the younger was “bang on”, pardon the pun. Opening was pretty splatastic as well. Which segues nicely over to True Blood, with and equally splatastic scene, more amazingly quirky characters, and another ending where the writers had the balls to stay the course. Bill is no vampire with a soul.

Tomorrow is a day off. Well, a day away from work but where I will brave retail holiday stress in an effort to the worse rage that will probably occur if I attempt to enter a mall any time after December 1st. Spirit of the Season and all that.

I can paint flowers on them

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

One of the things I really wanted to do at the new house was upgrade the gardens. After I got the neighbour to pull everything out of the front garden with his 4×4, I put in my first “adult” garden that I spent real money on.

I was very excited because I even tried to account for things like Ph in the soil, and the amount of sunshine and colour-matching and everything. This is way beyond my previous garden attempts which consisted of finding or stealing pieces of plants from friends or garden sales and plopping them in the ground wherever I have some space and hoping for the best.

It includes a rhododendron. Only now the rhododendron is all droopy and curled up. I thought maybe it might have something to do with the fact that it’s rained almost every day for the past week. So I did some googling and it might have something called “crown rot”. The garden sites say if it does, I might as well rip it out and give up and I can’t plant another rhodo in the same spot.

This is why I should have given more serious consideration to Plan B: namely, fill in the space with pretty rocks.