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Singing in the rain

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Cathy &Jean, and Camie and I had dinner and went to the KW Symphony’s Jeans & Classics last night.

Dinner was at Uptown 21, where even the desserts have meat. I had fresh greens with bacon (mmmm. bacon) followed by aged cheddar & potato ravioli with a maple glaze. Cathy and Jean had a wine pairing prix-fixe, and Jean’s included foie gras–twice. He was a happy man.

We got out of there with what with thought was ample time, but underestimated the KWian love of  ”symphonic rock”–couldn’t find a parking spot for love nor money near Centre in the Square so we had to park on Weber and walk. In the pouring rain.

The concert was fun as always, but I thought the arrangements were a little less adventurous than some of the ones I’ve seen before. And I was sorely disappointed because my favourite Tiger double bass performer disappeared sometime after the first song. The cover of “Under Pressure” was decent, though, and the trumpet soloist on “White Shade of Pale” did an awesome job.

Always a good time.