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Gloriously awful

Sunday, January 31st, 2010

Melle, Melissa and I went to see Legion this afternoon. Hot damn, that was fun.


Though I think we were the only ones guffawing outright. So many bad moments that hurt so good. The trailer is a bit misleading, in that it’s not ALL angels that come to earth in a battle royal in “Paradise Falls” (not so much with the subtle) – just Michael (mmmm. Paul Bettany) and Gabriel. There was almost a scene of hawt gay angels, but it didn’t materialize. I think probably there would have been protests.

Anyway, as you know from the trailer. Young girl with baby who is the man who will save the world. God is fed up with the bullshit on earth and tells the angels to kill the child. Michael disobeys because he still loves humanity. Zombies arrive, all hell breaks loose, and lots of people got shot and blown up.

The funny thing is that even with the melodrama and weird hilo mix, Bettany somehow delivers some gravitas in his portrayal of the “fallen” angel. The FX for the angel warrior suits was pretty good too. However, total ripoff in that we never actually get to see the topless Michael shown in the movie posters – FAIL.

If you want apocalypse entertainment, this is a good one. And not nearly as bad as 2012…