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Me and my trashy friends

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Melle and I went to visit our friend S last night at his humble (i.e. huge) home. We started out on the back deck because he didn’t want us loitering on the front porch where we might have to engage the neighbours. As the lightning got closer to the house we had to abandon that idea, and we moved the party to the garage, complete with deck chairs, chips & cheesies, some excellent scotch and cigars.

So, we ended up watching the street while I had my first cigar! Once I got it lit, I practiced not inhaling. Scotch was the perfect complement to the puffing and kvetching and we had more than a few laughs about .com adventures, The Princess Bride, locats, Dr Horrible and local billionaires.

After we adjourned to the cavernous basement, complete with a tweed lazyboy, we managed to catch the end of SYTYCD. We tried to find “Mad Men” but the tv was uncooperative and kept asking us to rechannel. Since none of us are familiar with the art of mediumship, we had to give up.

Best news of all, we presume that S has a “guy” who will clean up the mess we left behind. Everyone should have a guy for that.

I was still tasting cigar well after lunchtime today. Good time had by all and no neighbours crashed the party.