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Sometimes orators are found

Friday, November 28th, 2008

Usually I flick right by for obvious reasons, but I stopped tonight because Wolf was interviewing a Canadian man who was in the Oberoi in Mumbai and managed to escape and then get to the airport and safety.

Jonathan Ehrlich may be “just a businessman” who escaped terrorists who would have enjoyed killing him, but his responses to Wolf’s questions were articulate and honourable and thoughtful.

Wolf asked him about whether or not he felt that terrorism was going to be a problem before he went. He said no, but that it didn’t matter. He said that we cannot not go, because then they win. The minute we are too afraid to go there, they win. Mumbai is New York, and New York is Vancouver, and Vancouver is a small town in Texas. Doesn’t matter where you are, we are all alike. He doesn’t want the beautiful, friendly people of Mumbai to suffer beyond what these people are doing.

Wolf asked him about being Jewish. He said they have been singled out throughout history, but that they’re strong and that they will make it through this again. And he again encouraged people to book a ticket to Mumbai, to show that they cannot win.

He also emphasized that what the terrorists were looking for were Westerners, whether you’re left or right, liberal or conservative or democrat or republican, in the eyes of the men who carried out the massacre, you would have been fair game.

Ehrlich’s ability to get across a sensibility of inclusion and a calm and quietly strong perspective, despite his own personal experience and the decided slant of the station on which he was being interviewed, was a surprisingly beautiful thing.